Managed Disaster Recovery

With global markets moving at a frenetic pace, business resilience is a competitive imperative.

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) provides a higher level of service.

  • Thorough coverage: Our dedicated experts deliver technology recovery services through the application layer, not just for your data — so you are truly up and running with minimal effort — with scalable tape and electronic backup, data vaulting and high availability solutions in our cloud disaster recovery environment. 
  • Transparency: No expensive surprises, no declaration fees, no long waits for testing, and more important, full confidence in your recoverability because we’ve built and tested a solution proven to meet your unique business needs.
  • Fully-managed service: We manage everything for you – disaster recovery plan design, implementation, regular recovery tests and backup disaster recovery – all inclusive.  As with everything we do, Velocity goes beyond the standard to provide services that increase your business resiliency, not just an infrastructure for rent.

Business resiliency for the real world.

How long has it been since your last successful recovery test?

Within four months of teaming with Velocity, you can have a fully-implemented and tested DR solution.

Want to schedule another recovery test?

No problem – we will run a complete test within six weeks of your request. If natural disaster strikes, get your family to safety. If you experience a system failure or outage, keep your staff focused on getting back to the speed of business. We will manage your systems recovery for you. Our multiple, FEMA region-separated locations ensure our services will not be oversubscribed or impacted by the same disaster striking your location.

Who should decide if your organization is experiencing a disaster scenario?  

You. We are ready whenever you declare a disaster — even if you choose to activate your disaster recovery plan before a weather event hits — because you decide what constitutes a disaster, not us. Velocity believes your recovery needs should define our services, instead of what extra capacity we have lying around, because any disaster recovery plan should be based on proven recoverability, not hope.

The Definitive Guide

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