Virtual Private Cloud

Transform the way you manage and interact with your applications in the cloud.

Customers trust us with more than a petabyte of their data, so we protect it with the security only our cloud services can provide.

With our cloud services we can provide the confidence that your crucial applications will run reliably without having to contend for resources with other customers. Having greater control over our infrastructure also means we deliver much higher, much more consistent performance. We balance workloads across millions of users, and optimize the architecture as customers need changes, because we understand and predict usage patterns. Our R&D team wrote the book, and our performance statistics prove it.

Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Differentiators 

Velocity’s customers enjoy all the scalability, flexibility and cost benefits of the cloud because we invest in the latest hardware, virtualization technology and expertise. Our customers don’t have to build their own. While other companies spend time debating definitions for the cloud, Velocity remains focused on what is most important: maintaining a secure, high-performance infrastructure that best meets the needs of our customers. We prove it every day.

Velocity Cloud Services Differentiators 

  • One Call, One Source Complete (Technical, Functional, Business Process) Customer Support. No matter the type of question you have, our application support team provides 24/7 ITIL compliant operations support and 12/5 application and business process functional support for end-user questions.
  • Full Hosting Management with a Zero Upgrade Cost Guarantee. Our managed application services include unlimited patching, management of major and minor upgrades including retrofit of customizations (reports, interfaces, custom code) to the applications and ongoing hardware refreshes and platform upgrades all with a Zero Additional Fee Guarantee.
  • Greater Transparency. Get access to tools that provide exceptional transparency into the real-time productivity of your application environment and business process transactions. Learn more now about our innovative cloud management consoles VCAMP and Velocity Zoom®.
  • Application-Specific Resilient Technology. Rapidly available, application-aware service delivery infrastructure, specifically engineered and optimized for your complete application portfolio.
  • Intellectual Property Library. Velocity customers have access to over 2,000 service methodologies, quality management procedures, upgrade and implementation plans and training tools, plus over 4,000 code objects.
  • Reduce Application Risk. Whether the risk is from a contingency event (DR / BC), internal controls requirements / SSAE 16 (SOC1) Type 2, maintaining application performance and availability, or similar, Velocity Cloud Hosting Services include proactive monitoring, application aware performance tuning, and fault resilient resources designed to mitigate and eliminate risk.



SSAE16 (SOC 1) Type 2

Security, Availability & Confidentiality Principles for SOC 2 


Our expert IT staff follows the ITIL framework.

This means our services follow a standard process. 
We have ITIL certified resources on staff. 



We follow HIPAA security standards. 

Secure private cloud environment.



We self-certify compliance with: