VCAMP on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Transform the way you manage and interact with your applications in the cloud.




Take the AWS infrastructure you trust to the next level with managed application services powered by Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP).

Rapidly deploy your ERP applications in the cloud in hours, not weeks or months, with our automated lifecycle management products for ERP applications on AWS.

Expand use cases and achieve immediate results without the high cost, complexity, or commitment of traditional deployments.



Leverage VCAMP on AWS to take advantage of:

  • Economic Benefits: Delivered with 50%+ Total Cost of Ownership Advantage compared to doing it yourself
  • Visibility: On-demand access to system configuration, application performance and user transaction level analytics
  • Proven Expertise: No need to hire, train, certify and retain AWS skilled resources with ERP application knowledge, minimizing the requirements of and strain on internal teams
  • Scalability: Software-driven platform correlates to scalable services. Integrated with AWS scalable infrastructure means services and infrastructure are always in sync.
  • Simple ERP Integration: VCAMP delivers a fully integrated solution for ERP applications on AWS. Application centric process and Velocity Zoom intelligent dashboards provide you with essential cloud and application layer analytics
  • Global Alignment: Single user interface and process to handle all of your ERP applications on AWS, regardless of where your teams reside and how many AWS cloud centers are being utilized

SECURE: VCAMP was designed with security in mind, built with defense-in-depth architecture leveraging AWS infrastructure.

INSIGHTFUL: Core analytics engine reports in real-time, on demand, down to the user and transaction level of your application layer.

OPTIMIZED: System, application, and cloud analytics are fully integrated with dynamic auto-scaling features to proactively deploy and control bursts during peak-use periods.

SIMPLE: VCAMP alleviates the complexities of traditional ERP management, backed by application expertise baked into the cloud management platform.


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How does VCAMP help enterprises optimize the use of their ERP in a dynamic cloud infrastructure such as AWS?

VCAMP provides a technology driven approach for applications management in the cloud. This enables enterprises to save money and optimize resource utilization and assists companies in streamlining business processes. Advanced features from VCAMP such a dynamic application scaling, elastic consumption and intelligent analytics delivers an integrated view of both infrastructure and application resources.Depending on the business situation, enterprises may need additional resources for their ERP application during critical processing periods such as month-end routines or peak season shipping events occur. To prepare for these demanding periods, VCAMP can quickly spin up additional virtual machines (VMs) as required to meet these peak demand conditions. As the surge in transactions or processes is identified by VCAMP, appropriate application resources will be provisioned and can automatically scale down as the surge is no longer required. This helps enterprise by avoiding over provisioning capacity or sizing to peak - saving money and resources.


Explain some of the key features of VCAMP above and beyond what an enterprise receives by going directly through AWS.

VCAMP enables businesses to receive all of the benefits of enterprise SAP applications ‘out of the box’ with no project to manage and in as few as five hours. VCAMP also combines 3rd party vulnerability management software with automated routines integrated with alert and action oriented functionality. A native AWS deployment requires the customer to learn and deploy various tools like Cloud Watch in order to receive similar services and benefits. VCAMP comes standard with Velocity’s managed application services, meaning there are no additional costs or resources to train and certify staff, as well as a core analytics engine offering real-time, gap-fee metadata at the application level surrounding workforce productivity, system and application metrics, security and compliance analytics and proactive alerts for virtually any event occurring in the system.

Does VCAMP provide any additional pricing benefit to enterprises beyond the options available from AWS such as On-Demand, Reserved or Spot instance pricing?

VCAMP customers get the benefit of accessing the Velocity pool of Reserved Instances at On-Demand economics. If Customers want to purchase direct from AWS, they have the option of On-Demand, Reserved or Spot instance pricing.However, they do not have access to technology that seamlessly navigates across these instances to gain additional pricing benefits.Through VCAMP customers can use Reserved Instances in an On-Demand manner to virtualize the AWS infrastructure even further.

What is the SLA delivered by VCAMP around transaction availability and performance?

A: VCAMP delivers application availability at 99.9% and transaction performance at 99%, online at sub-second speeds. The architecture and deployment of the SAP application through VCAMP leverages the AWS foundation of EC2 instance availability of 99.999%, delivering consistently higher SLAs at the application layer.

What is the benefit of VCAMP for scalability of applications as compared to AWS?

VCAMP is purpose built to manage ERP applications at AWS. Scaling at the application layer, or the ability to spin up additional application servers and attach it to the logical application environment, is not an AWS native feature. This requires application expertise which has been designed into the VCAMP software. VCAMP is built with application expertise and a core analytics engine, enabling smart monitoring of application usage and the ability to trigger the relevant actions to deploy pre-configured ERP environments when needed.  


Is VCAMP available for short duration timeframes, such as for development or QA purposes, in a non-production environment?

Yes, through VCAMP, application instances are available for a day, a week, or any timeframe required by the customer. The ultimate value of VCAMP is an ERP-ready instance, some available in as few as five hours, with no further configuration or installation, no project to manage.

Are storage optimization and management services included with VCAMP?

Yes, VCAMP delivers a complete solution to configure, optimize and manage storage end-to-end.

How does the Automated Provisioning feature of VCAMP compare to AWS?

The automated provisioning feature of VCAMP is comprehensive and includes the following features not available in a native AWS deployment: database, application, security groups, ELB access, seamless integration of user login credentials.

What is included in VCAMP’s Control Panel?

VCAMP’s Control Panel is a single pane of glass for visibility into infrastructure metrics (such as CPU utilization, network, database) and access to Service Management functions (such as incident, problem and change requests and ticket status). Additionally, advanced analytics at the application layer are available, offering deep insight into system and workforce performance, regulatory metrics surrounding security and compliance, as well as proactive alerts of simple or compound rule sets. It also provides application health metrics presented in a user-friendly format.

How does VCAMP help with meeting compliance and/or audit requirements for enterprises running their ERP applications on AWS? What kind of compliance or audit solution does VCAMP provide?

VCAMP features such as proactive change detection services and auditable tracking report support enterprise compliance requirements. In addition VCAMP is easily configurable to adapt meeting different requirements. This enables the enterprise to minimize investments in compliance related skills and process - hence delivering higher value services at better economics.

What are the critical patch availability features of VCAMP?

VCAMP features critical patch availability within 24 hours. VCAMP maintains a ‘desired state’ of the application at all times, with automated monitoring and deployment of security or infrastructure related patches. Automatic updates are available in the customer change management dashboard in the VCAMP Control Panel.

Is it possible to port over existing login and passwords to access the ERP environment through VCAMP?

Yes, VCAMP is designed with compliance and security features woven into its architecture, enabling a seamless integration with customers’ active directories.


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